More information on my services

Personal Development Coaching provides support, motivation, and accountability. Coaching is a collaborative relationship that is focused on helping potential client's reach their own answers and resolutions. 

Psychotherapy is also provided at my private practice located in West Hartford Center. Potential client's will be given a safe space to explore sexual identity concerns as well as other life challenges that arise. At the center of the practice is an integrated, holistic approach to care. My ideal client's are men and members of the LGBTQ community. My ideal clients are adolescents, young adults, and individuals who are struggling with sexual identity, gender identity, relationships, and career challenges. I also am skilled and experienced working with substance abuse, anxiety, and men's issues. I take pride in being able to relate and connect to others. My diverse experience in the field of social work has guided my practice as a therapist. 

Training, consulting, and public speaking are important parts of the work I offer. By offering my training and development to those who serve and collaborate with the LGBTQ community, the community is met with more understanding and compassion. I offer trainings and workshops related to authenticity, substance abuse, men's issues, and an overview of working with the LGBT community.  My goal is to help professionals provide their best work to the LGBTQIA community. Please contact me today for more details!