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Like all of us, there have been challenges and moment's when I felt like I was fumbling through my life.  I barely graduated high school, struggled in college, and spent most days with my friends, not thinking about my future. My mind was full of fear and doubt. I was just getting by. I was uncertain of who I was and what I offer to the world. I came to the realization that I rule my own destiny. I can be my authentic self without living in fear. 

We often become paralyzed and restrained by the limitations our minds set. These experiences of being able to overcome my own fear have only strengthened my ability to be my authentic self. 

Creating a space that allows others to grow and shift the lens in which they see the world is of upmost importance.  I became a coach and a social worker so that I can help others reach their full capacity. We as human beings are designed to be interdependent and we need others to grow and flourish. Ask yourself, have you had enough? Who do you want to be in this world? What would it feel like to be your authentic self. 



  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Psychotherapy
  • Training/Consulting
  • Public Speaking